How Can Someone Delete A Video From Someone Else's YouTube Channel? #ASSHAT...LOL

In this twitter rant you can see that the person tweeting claims that a YouTube video had been deleted from an account that they claim is owned by Cody Saltsman.

This is a screenshot of the video that was taken from the YouTube channel of the person who uploaded the video. That's wasn't Cody Saltsman who uploaded the video in question and it hasn't been deleted as claimed.

Next I'll show you the big deal being made about the comments that the young man left on the video.
Wow imagine that a teenager fighting at a concert but the big question is - "Who started it?"

Well Stinky got the answer to that question as well but some people might not like what they read.    
Yep - that's right looks like the guy everyone is hating on didn't start the fight after all.

Now what's the lesson that should be learned from this lonely housewife's twitter rant?

"Make sure you fact check everything before shooting off your mouth because if you don't you may just come out looking like a true asshat."   

"A Parent From Steubenville" Brings Up Some Very Valid Points

Do you agree with "A Parent From Steubenville?" Is it normal behavior for an adult of 48 years of age to constantly keep track of a teenage boys online activities if its not her child?

The Butthurt Trollz Are Now Seeking Info On Florida Attorney....LOL

Butthurt individual #1 says:
I will get right on that "Liar" and then we can all call her up in St. Pete, Fl and say - "Hi Ms. **** we are calling from the internetz and we are just wanting to confirm that you represent a Mr. *****.  Can you confirm this for the internetz or not Ms. ****?" LOL

Butthurt individual #2 says:
Butthurt Anon - Where in the blog post does it mention that the individual and his lawyer were planning on sending out subpoenas or filing lawsuits? 
Didn't think so, so no there is no reason to hold your breath.    

Butthurt individual #3 says:
Post It Note: Would you like for me to post my SS# as well?  LOL

Butthurt individual #4 says:
Well "Lovepoo" you have nothing to worry about if you don't come here and if you do just don't be doing anything you shouldn't be doing, right?  

And besides, I have nothing to hide, so why wouldn't I grant access to a "Nosy" attorney as you call her?     

To sum it up - the trolls are dying to get their hands on this attorneys name and number so that they can start their internet harassment campaign. Just look at their past history related to an attorney involved in a civil lawsuit against one of their own. I'm sure the attorney could handle herself but I will not give the trolls any kind of information that is going to lead them to her. 

If you trolls are any good at sleuthing people then you should be able to sleuth this attorney with no problem. I'm sure she would love to hear from you!

Could There Be A Storm Brewin' Down In Florida?

A few weeks back I posted a email that I received from someone inquiring about a few IP's that I had posted on this blog. That email quickly became a feeding frenzy for the trolls as they ASSUMED it had something to do with a case out of Steubenville, Ohio which I clearly stated it did NOT.

However, the email does have everything to do with someone living in the state of Florida and their attorney who over the last couple of weeks, has shed quite a bit of light on why they were requesting the information from this blog and why it is needed.

The past several days I have been able to help the person in question clear their name from having anything to do with this blog by supplying a notarized affidavit to their attorney along with a copy of my Texas DL as well as allowing the attorney to have access to the stat counter project so that she may see for herself that her clients IP has nothing to do with this blog.

As sole owner of this blog I have granted the attorney full access to the stat counter project so that she can access any information she needs at anytime.

But hold on it just keeps getting better by the minute - the employer for the individual in question has confirmed that they do in fact have video surveillance of the individual either working or in meetings at the time of blogs being posted. The individuals attorney confirms he is "Off the hook thanks to video of him being in the store working at the time of blog postings." 

So why did this individual hire an attorney to begin with? That's something I was asked not to discuss. All I will say is from day one I tried to tell you people that you were naming the WRONG person as the owner of this blog and I proved it to the RIGHT people the last several days.

YAY ME!       

The Internetz Should Have Its Own Section Just For The Asshats....LOL


Stinky On The Run With Software Guru McAfee? Say It Ain't So.....LOL

U.S. anti-virus software guru John McAfee, who is on the run from police like his friend Stinky, have crossed into Guatemala and said on Tuesday he will seek political asylum there for himself and his friend Stinky.

McAfee smuggled himself and his friend, Stinky, across the porous land border Belize shares with Guatemala. He and Stinky stayed at a hotel in a national park before heading for Guatemala City on Tuesday evening.

"I have no plans much for the future now. The reason I chose Guatemala is two-fold," Stinky told Reuters by telephone from Guatemala's Supreme Court, flanked by his lawyer, former attorney general and lawyer Anita Dick.

 "(Dick) is now attempting to get political asylum for McAfee and for Stinky. I don't think there will be much of a problem. From here I can speak freely and safely," Stinky said.

We'll keep you updated as details emerge on Stinky's next move. 

And Naming The Anonymous Commentors Has Begun